Access Control

Commercial Access Control Systems

Take Charge of the Controlled Access to Your Facilities

In today’s hyper-competitive business market, controlling and managing the access to various secure parts of your facility is of the utmost importance in terms of security and efficiency. Installing a custom access control system from Maximum Security Services enables you to be selective about which members of your staff can gain entry to various areas and when access is granted, all while logging timestamped access data for later reference.

We deliver all of the cutting-edge hardware and software your facility requires with the expertise needed to custom tailor access control systems which meet the specific demands of your unique facilities, from just a few doors up to 256. Our systems generally consist of a central control panel, electronically-operated door locks, and proximity readers for key fobs, identity cards, or even biometric technology such as fingerprint readers, palm scanners, and more for the most demanding applications.

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