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Protect Your Business with a Surveillance System

Posted on January 25

If you think that only jewelry shops, art galleries, and banks need a surveillance system with cameras to deter high-end heists, you could be selling yourself — and your business — short. A security system is an excellent tool to thwart criminals and keep both your inventory and employees safe from harm. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of a quality surveillance system.

Security Camera Systems Reduce Crime

The mere presence of a security camera can be powerful. For example, when the city of Baltimore installed cameras throughout the area and had retired police officers monitor the footage, they found that crime rates steadily went down in those areas, dropping by about 17 percent overall. Cameras aren’t just useful for linking your property to law enforcement. They also provide a major deterrent, since most thieves are looking for the easiest, least risky jobs. When you have a camera, it lets potential perps know that they should move on, decreasing the odds of them stealing from you.

Cameras Help Keep Employees Safe

Because security cameras tend to send a strong signal to criminals to move on, having them in your parking lot or around the perimeter of your building is also a great way to protect your employees. The extra security provided by a video surveillance system can help reduce the odds of muggings and car break-ins to make your workplace safer for everyone.

Security Cameras Help Solve Crimes

Unfortunately, police personnel are only able to solve about 13 percent of burglary cases, which means business will struggle to recover lost property and instead be faced with rising insurance rates and other hassles. A video surveillance system is likely to record footage of a thief in action. This can provide crucial clues about their appearance and methods to help detectives track them down.

Video Surveillance Systems Keep Everyone Honest

No one wants to think that their own staff is filching money from the cash register or making off with merchandise, but it happens more often than you might think. It’s been estimated that perhaps as much as 20 percent of a given company’s income is lost to employee theft. A robust security system acts as a second manager when you can’t be everywhere and helps minimize your employee’s temptation to do the wrong thing.

Stopping losses and preventing crime around your business is a crucial part of taking care of your assets. You’ve worked hard to get your company where it is today, so protect it by calling Maximum Security Services at (716) 628-5111 or completing their online form to explain your needs. Maximum Security Services has the expertise you need to keep your Western New York business and your employees as safe as possible, no matter what your line of work is. Schedule your security consultation today.