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Cost-Effective Medical Alarm Systems for Sale

Posted on December 07

If you are seeking an inexpensive yet powerful medical alarm system for yourself or a loved one, Maximum Security has the perfect equipment for you! We have Model 2400 personal emergency response systems (PERS) from Linear, well-known manufacturers of top-quality medical alarms. These systems feature a waterproof remote that can be worn on the neck, wrist, or belt, and the remote will trigger an alert as long as it is within 300 feet of the receiver.

In the event you or your loved one experiences a medical emergency in the home, help is available at the push of a button. Within earshot of the receiver, an intercom system enables the user to speak directly to an operator at our monitoring station to describe the issue and determine what’s needed. If the user is unable to respond through the intercom, the operator will initiate your preset phone tree until a loved one is reached.

This equipment is offered free of charge when you sign up for our monthly monitoring service, which costs only $30 per month. With this low price and no contracts, our service is by far the most cost-effective personal emergency response system available, and you can cancel any time for any reason. These systems are available nationwide, and all you need is a traditional phone line for communications. Cellular-based wireless communication upgrade options are also available.

These PERS units enable residents to stay in their homes longer, maintaining their independence while family and loved ones gain peace of mind in knowing that someone is always looking out for them.

Contact Maximum Security today to learn more about our Linear Model 2400 PERS units and discover everything a personal medical alarm can do for you and your family.