Intrusion Alarms

Home Intrusion and Door Alarms

Protect Your Home with a Monitored Security System

Statistics suggest that a home intrusion occurs every 18 seconds on average in the United States, and these home invasions can be incredibly damaging to your property and your peace of mind. Maximum Security Services is committed to helping protect you, your family, and your belongings from break-ins with top-quality home security systems. You may also qualify for insurance discounts (as high as 20{a8aeef054a793549b1c4e4609bfe41c944e71e236b83d57d0977281e31e2534f}) after installing a cutting-edge alarm system in your home. Our intrusion alarms and security systems also feature touchscreen keypads along with wired and wireless options. Each intrusion alarm system we offer is carefully tailored to the unique requirements of our customers’ homes and expertly installed for maximum performance.

Our monitored home security systems are linked with our local CSAA Five Diamond Certified, U.L.-listed central monitoring station which delivers the fastest, most reliable response available. We are proud to help you and your family rest easy in the assurance that your home is a secure place and that there’s always someone watching over your safety in the event of an intrusion.

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