Intrusion Alarms

Business Intrusion and Burglar Alarms

Top-Quality, Custom-Tailored Commercial Security Systems

For businesses of all sizes throughout the Buffalo, NY area, Maximum Security Services proudly provides expert installation, inspection, and maintenance of cutting-edge commercial intrusion alarm systems. Having an intrusion alarm system designed to serve your company’s unique security requirements will not only alert you and the police automatically in the event of a break-in, but burglar alarm systems also act as an effective deterrent for would-be burglars. In fact, research suggests that having a professionally-installed burglar alarm system at your business cuts your chances of experiencing a break-in attempt by as much as a factor of four.

Our premium-quality commercial intrusion alarms can be custom installed as standalone systems or skillfully integrated with access control systems and video surveillance systems. We have extensive experience installing hard-wired and wireless devices for coverage of up to 256 different zones, ensuring your facility is secured comprehensively from intrusion and burglary. We also offer Total Connect systems from Honeywell, which enable you to monitor and control your intrusion alarm system remotely from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or other mobile electronic device. Total Connect also offers real-time alerts, remote arming and disarming, live video, and much more.

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