Professional Security System Installation vs. a DIY Home Security System

Professional Security System Installation vs. a DIY Home Security System

Posted on March 01

When it comes to keeping your home or business secure, there’s nothing more effective than a monitored security system. Studies show that the mere presence of security equipment — visible cameras, alarms, lights, and even a sticker showing that a security system is on the property — reduces the odds that criminals will target your property in the first place. What’s more, monitored systems ensure that someone always has an eye on your home so they can immediately send help.

When it comes to security system installation, there are two different options you can choose from. Purchase the components you need and install them on your own, or hire a professional to take care of hooking everything up for you. Both methods can get great results, but which is right for you?

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Having a professional come to your home to install a comprehensive security system has several advantages, the biggest of which is expertise. A qualified contractor knows exactly where to install motion sensors, cameras, and other pieces of important equipment so that you can get the most out of them. If you’ve never worked with these components before, it can be difficult to know where you should place them for optimal effectiveness.

Professionally installed systems also guarantee that your wiring is correct. If you aren’t experienced in this area of DIY work, it can be time-consuming to get up to speed. Not only that but working with electrical wires can get dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. A pro can be counted on to always do everything neatly. That way you won’t notice patched holes in the wall, loose wires, or any other shortcuts that you may be tempted to make to finish the work more quickly on your own.

Hardwired alarm systems also offer secure connections to the central monitoring location. This keeps you from having to worry about a wireless signal dropping out — or worse, someone hacking your signal. If you lose power, batteries provide backup until you restore your electricity.

Reasons to Consider DIY Security Systems

The main benefit of choosing a DIY security system for your home is the price. When you’re not paying someone for their expertise and doing the work yourself, you’ll bring down the cost of your security system significantly.

Price isn’t the only benefit, though. DIY security is also convenient when it allows you take advantage of your smartphone as your info hub. Your smartphone can let you get updates on your home, see what the security camera sees, and turn alarms on and off for guests. Since it is still connected to a central station for monitoring, the proper authorities will be notified in addition to the notification you’ll recieve on your phone.

When DIY security uses wireless technology, it’s often easy to install. This is because you don’t have to worry about the wiring. All you need is a power source. If you’re considering this type of system, look for one that includes quality equipment and allows you to connect to remote monitoring services.

Work With a Consultant

Before you decide which security system to choose, look for home security companies that offer in-home consultations to get advice about what component you need and where you should place them in your home. To learn more about home security in the Western New York area, call Maximum Security Services at (716) 628-5111, or sign up for a free consultation online.