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The Benefits Of Having An Access Control System In Your School

Posted on February 01

The United States have seen a number of tragedies occur due to someone being granted unregulated entry into an academic institution. The deranged individuals who committed the atrocities of mass shootings didn’t have any system to check their identity at the door or to restrict their entry.

Unfortunately, we’re living in a time where incidents like these still put schools at risk. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions at hand. In tandem with increasing the presence of security personnel at school, installing an access control system can further safeguard academic institutions.

What Does An Access Control System Do?

An access control system grants entry only to approved persons at all times. They also determine who can enter or exit the building and who has special permission through key cards. This system keeps traffic in an out of the school tight and regulates unauthorized entries. It can also monitor activity within the school and lock down individual doors in the case of an emergency.

What Are The Benefits?

While the idea of an access control system for your school might sound great in theory, you might be wondering about the concrete benefits. Maximum Security Services put together this list of some of the biggest ways that your school can benefit from better access control.

Track and Manage Who Comes and Goes

When you get an access control system, you can keep certain doors locked at specific times. Only authorized personnel can use key cards to enter locked doors and strangers can’t get in at all.

While traditional locks have limitations, key card technology makes it difficult for others to copy keys or falsify identities to enter your school. You can also have a record of which personnel entered your school and when. This helps with a variety of security situations.

Watch the Whole School from One Place

A complete access control system will have cameras installed in strategic locations. This enables a security guard to monitor the whole school from one monitoring room. When sensors are triggered, you can easily spot potential security breaches and quickly react. You can also respond to any triggered alarms to see if it was just a false alarm. Even if someone accidentally left a door propped open, you’ll be notified.

Control Every Point of Entry

You can lock down your entire school in case of an emergency. This means that during an emergency you can secure all the doors and contain a situation to protect everyone inside.

A perpetrator having freedom of movement is what makes a security breach dangerous. With a sophisticated access control system, it takes just seconds to lock down the entire school. If your school is threatened in any way, unauthorized people will not be able to enter locked rooms or offices. This protective measure can save lives!

Arm Your School With Sophisticated Security Today

Maximum Security Services┬ábelieves that you should protect what you value most. We’ve been serving countless homeowners and businesses in the Western New York area and are committed to keeping our clients safe. You deserve to feel secure at your school. That’s why we want to bring the outstanding technology of an access control system to you. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to have an access control system installed in your school today.